Reminiscing the Old and Welcoming the New


This is how this old machine became the hero of my next story.

Image courtesy of Singer

Image courtesy of Singer

As soon as I caught a glimpse of this image the other day, I made up my mind that I should dedicate a page in my blog in honor of old childhood memories at my granny’s fascinating mansion and in paying homage to those who have crossed over who owned a “Singer” machine, and made beautiful garments for their family and loved ones using this antique sewing tool.

Here I am today, fresh as a lavender, reminiscing this elegant machine and the memories it brings with it of a childhood filled with fairy tales and discovery. Looking at it brings memories of love, of art and of creativity… it is true this machine is old, but isn’t her pose so graceful and so grand?

I recollect the roaring noise it made across the house, the needle that I was told not to touch, otherwise “Rumplestiltskin” would appear and take me away..,so I dreaded touching the needle; and then there was the image of her standing in the hallway, so grand and so proud of her performance and capacity, in an afternoon with the sunlight touching her arms timidly and reflecting her not so humble demeanor…

Looking at this antique “Singer”, reminds me of the adventurous visits with my friends to the neighboring castle which stood the test of time, and us creeping up the garden pathways and picking up the flowers, so quickly before the fairies appeared and told us to go home before dusk.. Oh I do miss my childhood, my granny’s mansion and the “Singer” that is still standing in the hallway today, yet not so tall, as dust has covered her grand silhouette up.

Dear “Singer” dust can cover you up, but in my vision and in my mind you still stand tall and reach up to the sun which will forever shine on you and on my granny’s house, warming it and protecting our lovely memories for years and years to come, and the new moon will light up the garden pathways and will magnify the beauty of our enchanting journey.


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    • Hi Mireille. She wants you to remember the good days and the magic of such an antique machine…read beyond the words and you will know she is always there for you. Take care of yourself, sunshine 🙂


  1. Now I am the grandmother with a “feather weight Singer,” left behind when I came to Brazil but still loved. Thanks for the charming story of your memory of this memento of our past. hugs, pat


    • Thanks Pat for enjoying my post and for sharing my journey, the new Singer is good but I guess nothing beats the beauty of the old ones…those memories are what keeps us dreaming and living our dreams…I will be traveling to Brazil very meet my other granny who used to make the most delicious ’empadas de frango’ and coconut cookies…I will hopefully talk about this journey in my upcoming posts. ☺


  2. Beautiful post Nadine 🙂 I too sometimes miss the incredible innocence and wonder of childhood. My granny’s house was a wonderland for me as well, her big old rooms, back yard and shed. So many happy memories!

    Thanks for sharing, this was lovely 🙂



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