Home Sick

Echoes from Home

Even a gypsy soul wants a place to call home.

Where is home?

It’s a place that I would call my own

It’s a place where I can run free

It’s a place I want to be

My home

It’s a place filled with peace

It’s not shallow, it’s not dark

It’s a space, colored with Love

My home

It’s a place so wonderful, so warm

It’s a place so honest, and so me…

It’s a place that constantly manifests the truth..

My home

My home is the universe for I am a roaming gypsy soul destined to keep traveling, seeking and learning and enjoying every bit of my journey…

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  1. Beautiful little poem 🙂 Our home is a feeling we can cultivate inside ourselves, and bring with us wherever we inhabit at the time 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



    • Thanks are right..’home’ is what we make of it, its the feeling of being serene and at peace which can become a challenge sometimes with the external influences…”home is always where the heart is” 🙂
      Warm regards to you my friend.


  2. Hello, Nadine! I’m enjoying reading about your journey. My nickname at one time was “Gypsy.” I have searched and traveled a unique path — but don’t we all! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’ll enjoy visiting you!


    • Hello Susan,
      I am so glad you have dropped by and read about my gypsy soul journey…I agree with you we are all “gypsies” searching, learning and traveling each one in his own unique way..
      The life of a gypsy is not easy..but is full of mystery and love of life, love of freedom and discovery..and this is how my life has turned out to be…
      Until we meet again.


  3. Thoughtful poem, and I love that song. It fits your post so well. I stopped by to say thanks for liking my About page. I needed that! 🙂 Your blog looks very inviting, too. 🙂


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