Let’s Take a Walk

Let’s Take a Walk






Oh My…

My journey to date

Has been a whirlwind

I keep on searching and

All I find

Is that the more you hold on tight

The more life will let go

The more you release your pain

The more you will gain

Oh My…

I am so happy

I have learnt so much

This life is a mystery of such

Oh My…

It’s a fact

Friends come and go

It just happens to be so

True people stay true

No matter who

Honesty is an illusion

So let’s avoid the confusion

Money is a chemical reaction

Feed it with energy and see the action

This life is just a story

And mine is a long one told and untold

So let’s just take a walk

Cause I’m a Gypsy

Hold my hand and come  along with me

And let our destiny

Tell the truth…

Dedicated: Song Gypsy by Shakira

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  1. Good to have many long walks and long conversation. I enjoyed the journey and thoughts in the poem. A wise person had many adventures and appreciate the days of freedom. Thank you for the excellent poetry.


  2. As a huge Nadal fan, how could I not enjoy this? Not that I was expecting it when I clicked on “let’s take a walk” 🙂 Many thanks for following me today. I’m off to watch him in action at the US Open now (on TV, of course)


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