A Look Over my Shoulder

A Look Over my Shoulder

Touched by beauty and by magic, I realize this painting of mine is not for sale.

As I look through my life, I realize I’m just a passer by and my search for the truth is leading me to different paths, some good and some not so good, and none have shown me the answer.

Where do I look, where do I search, who will I meet and who will I see, who will I trust and who will I love?

Can it be that my journey is coming to an end?

Life. I hate to break it to you, but it is not and it will not, for my Gypsy soul is eternal and I am a child of the universe.

Life. You tried to beat me many times, but I have grown strong, I have grown.

Destroy you tried, hate you sent, lies you made, but you have not designed me… for I am a Gypsy with a free soul..

My existence is an ever changing painting, so colorful, so beautiful, so alluring, you cannot destroy me or my story. Try you may.

Hear me out, for I will only say it once!

My will to live, to create, and to be free is stronger and more powerful than your will to destroy.

My life is a painting and it is not for sale.

I will look over my shoulder only to see a new canvas, everyday, colored with hope, love, good people, great mentors and happy souls.

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  2. Beautiful post. It actually made me tear up a little. It’s exactly how I’m feeling. You just put it into the words I’ve been searching for with the line, “My will to live, to create, and to be free is stronger and more powerful than your will to destroy.”


    • Thank you. I wake up with an urge to write and I am glad to know that so many friends share my feelings…it is so true when they say we are one with with the universe.
      Courage my friend… for this life is a journey and we are the ones who can make it meaningful!


  3. Positivity and optimism are the key to the wonderful adventure that is life, and thus keeping the knowledge and wisdom, ignoring pessimism and negativity, embracing the good certainly add one’s steps in the right direction.

    None of us can truly know what lies ahead but with a loving
    edge anything is possible. Have a delightful Tuesday my friend 🙂



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