My Gypsy Soul- Defined

Gypsy soul defined

Gypsy soul defined

This pretty much summarizes who I am and what I am searching for.

I am a traveler in space, searching for the truth, the truth about everything, in a world full of chaos and clutter.

Nadine Mikhael

“Welcome to My Journey”

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  1. Great to meet a fellow “gypsy” who is also passionate about blogging. Thanks for visiting and following my blog…I look forward to learning more about you through your posts!


    • Thank you Beverley. I am glad to meet you too, a fellow Gypsy…who can see beyond 🙂
      Lovely and rich blog you have there and you will see me visiting you often 🙂


  2. I’m always somewhat curious and naturally interested in knowing why, and what motivates my fellow beings to read my work. Thus so in as much as poetry is not exactly of box office record breaking general interest. In your case I had no doubt, and an immediate ready answer. The gypsy soul! It has that emotional sensitivity that is of and in itself poetry. I look forward to your journey! JJ


    • Thank you Jean Jacques for taking the time to read my post and to comment, I am glad you landed on soul of a gypsy, where the journey of life is as beautiful as a poem, as bountiful as love, and as mysterious as light, and so much more 🙂
      I really enjoy reading poems and I enjoyed reading your blog. I Will be visiting soon.



    Will I reattain as it was written
    The ocean where crystals shatter and drip
    A will-o’-the-wisp with magic lantern
    The westering shrouds of a mourning ship?

    Will I be arrested on the waters
    Carried off to the strand of the dead
    Among the willows by the river
    Where the grass is scattered and the shadows are fled?

    The quality of majesty in a jealous god
    To leave an amnesty in his will
    Miscellaneous chaos still takes its toll
    The cannons sound across the hill

    The smoking candle, the sounding bell
    Written and arrested as it shall be
    While one skull wanders in search of a ring
    The other stares open-mouthed at me

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