You make me think,
You make me dream,
You make me realize,
We all can fly.

Feathers Fly free across the horizon…

As I walk through the maze of life,
I look for signs,
I look for fallen feathers on the ground,
With each lovely feather, I see a dream, an emotion, driven by freedom,
I learn of the messages this universe wants to convey, for you were once roaming above, touching freedom, coloring the sky, holding the wind and magnifying our space with your beautiful energy,

Beautiful Feather Beautiful Feather

You were once part of a cherished soul that decided to let you go, 

so down you swirled and touched the ground, 

you drifted in the pond, 

you fell in the lake,

you swam in the ocean,

wherever you have bounced,

I thank you for the wisdom, I thank you for the signs, I thank you for your beauty.

Now I know.

This post is dedicated to my beautiful grandmother Neyde, fairy Godmother Angelina, my beloved uncle AA and my adorable aunty Terry who crossed over. I miss you dearly. Until we meet again.

Life and beyond Life and Beyond

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  1. no words fill the void of missing a grandmother….
    my condolences to you and yours….and a wish for a moment to breathe in a peace-filled place
    to be you…
    a wonderful post, as I listen to the feathers also, and miss my Grandmother….
    Take Care…You Matter…


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  3. Whether on this plain or the next, time is forever moving to the fore, the sweetness of life mixing with memories past, present and future. Pure energy reaching out, and beyond where life continues differently to our earthly existence we can feel contented that a life’s journey will begin again.

    I have enjoyed reading your posting and
    it is a wonderful piece of writing my friend.



    • Thank you Andro. I am on a journey of self exploration and finding answers. Life is really mysterious and lessons are a challenge to be expressed but I get my insights through symbols and anything that triggers my emotions. I am driven by my Gypsy soul to explore, learn and share my journey. Thank you for landing on my pages, I am so glad that you enjoyed reading my posts and share my special journey. Thank You!
      Your friend.


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