Will You Tell My Story?


Will you Tell My Story?

In a book?
In a narration?
In a documentary?
In a poem?
In a movie?
In an act?
In an article?

embrace your words


My story and yours…. is not final,
It is the beginning of a journey to many lands, far, so faraway,
Places so divine that only you and me will know,

a look over my shoulder

Will you Tell My Story?


I am the wind that you breathe,
The heart that beats,
The Love that never ends,
The soul that doesn’t rest .

writers' life mission

Will you tell My Story?


There is no story to tell,
Day by day, hour-by-hour you design your life,
You are the story.

the world at your finger tips

Will you tell My Story?


What is to tell?

A story of a beautiful soul, traveling and learning about life and beyond,
A story so divine that only the rare ones will learn,
A story with an open page for equal minds to walk in and share,
A story left blank for you and me to write, what we desire,
A story to paint with musical colors, creating songs of eternal tunes,
A story unlike any other,

Not written,
Not narrated,
Not seen,

A story where you and me live and dance amongst the words of the universe,
A story shining so bright, from the accumulation and synchronicity of our events,
A story of many chapters, yet not one page to tell,

Will you Tell My Story?


Just feel it, with every sign, with every sense, with all your might.


You ARE the Story.

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  1. what a wonderful read this very grey morning
    with no wind stirring the leaves, your words
    made for a breath of fresh air…
    as I sit listening to the birds, drinking my coffee
    I have one male Cardinal that is bright red among the grey
    seems to fit your thoughts here for some reason
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…


    • MaryRose, I am so happy that my words helped stir the leaves and blow some fresh air filling your morning with love and songs of the beautiful birds. I am so touched, really, and so happy to have shared the love this morning.


  2. I will come back and spend more time soon. Visually, this blog draws me in, and you speak on topics that I think about. There two phrases ending with a preposition in one sentence! Haha. Thanks for finding us at Isis Farms.


    • Thank you Aggie for dropping by and enjoying the view and vibes of my blog. I look forward to hearing from you on the Gypsy Soul topics that flow straight from my heart and soul. 🙂
      I will also be visiting you soon to read more about sustainable farming and echo friendly living.


  3. Let’s start from the beginning, zero time…A caesarean baby girl into this world on January 12 ….in the afternoon…You were born a premature girl of 1kg 300gm. To everyone’s surprise you wanted your freedom after 17 days in the incubator …A tiny baby …so beautiful…like a Barbie Doll..and since then Barbie the star of our family….

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a beautiful introduction to a wild spirit born into this world,,,with a soul bigger than life and a heart that can capture it all, holding a space for something not yet convened, awaiting to unfold,,,my dearest aunt who has inspired me from childhood and I wonder if I can still remember the rhymes and poems she whispered to me as I lay in her warm and beautiful arms mesmerised by her precious love ❤️


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