Sound of Silence


Sitting by the beach,
Captivated by the twinkling water,
I close my eyes and all I see;
Is a beauty so divine, hidden beyond,
The sound of silence.

moonlight by the beach

moonlight by the beach

Waves rise and fall,
The moon shines above me,
Leaving my shadow behind,
Tides wash through my feet,
Such a bliss to be touched by mother nature,
To hear her song, feel her tenderness, her eternity,
In the sound of silence.

meditating under the moonlight

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As I melt in this beauty,
I dwell in my inner self and I see a reflection of her,
I hear her call,
I watch her dance,
I feel her touch,
I sense her warmth, such an expression of love,
I grasp her forgiveness,
In the sound of silence.

She caresses my heart, she moves my soul, she welcomes me,
Such a pure flow of generosity,
She whispers;
And I breath in, my dream,
She whispers;
And I Know.

In this night, the sky has shined its light,
And my mother, has washed away my sorrow,
And I regained my trust, my hopefulness, my star,
I want to stay in her shelter forever,
I want to hear her comforting rhythm, listen to her music,
I want to linger in this serenity, I want to stay and hear that sound of purity,



But I have to go back,,
I promised her to go back, I promised her to stay in touch,
I promised her, I will keep listening to and hearing;
Our sound of silence.

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      • I smiled at the experience described in your poem, and also smiled at the other side. Post-storm damage is when my mom called her “Mother Nature the Witch.” The mysteries…


      • Thank you Aggie 🙂
        Mother nature is reflection of us, however we can only see this when we are in the purest form of our existence, when we are in deep meditation where we are focused on the connections we have with life, the world and ourselves.


  1. I loved your poetry………. especially this verse..

    “As I melt in this beauty,I dwell in my inner self and I see a reflection of her I hear her call I watch her dance I feel her touch I sense her warmth, such an expression of love I grasp her forgiveness
    In the sound of silence……………… ”

    Loved this……… May you always walk in beauty……… and feel her touch of gentleness…. as you walk upon her sacred ground……

    Blessings to you Nadine………
    Sue xxx


    • It is true! I was inspired by a meditation I had and wanted to share the beauty of the magical sound of silence and how much intuitive and knowledgable one can get by simply embracing true love with genuine intentions.

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