Seduce me…


Seduce me, why don’t you,
Capture my mind with your intelligence,
Stimulate me with your knowledge,
Take me with you,
Let’s mark a spot in this universe.

You are such an enigma.


Gypsy soul: You are such an Enigma

Seduce me why don’t you,
Love me, for who I am,
Let’s travel together, to that unnoticed destination and make the ocean fall in love with us,
and the waves, oh those waves, cover our souls and revive our stories…

moonlight by the beach

photo credit: google                                                   Moonlight by the beach

Seduce me, why don’t you,
Let this moment stand still and our hearts rejoice,
Love me, for who I am,
Let’s colour the clouds with our breaths,
The sky will feel jealous, the stars will unite and the moon, oh that lovely red blood moon, will cry…

October Blood Moon

photo credit: google                                                Blood Red Moon October 2014

Seduce me, why don’t you,
I will love you, for who you are,

You are such an enigma.

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  1. Hey Nadine,

    Enchanted by the allure of a nacarat flame, your nymphean Moth takes wing in chase of an inflamed desire and leaves in her wake a delicate poesy of crimson words to touch the soul. Beautifully seductive writing Nadine…

    That moon, which the sky ne’er saw even in dreams, has returned
    And brought a fire no water can quench.
    See the body’ s house, and see my soul,
    This made drunken and that desolate by the cup of his Love.
    When the host of the tavern became my heart-mate,
    My blood turned to wine and my heart to kebab.

    DN – 08/10/2014

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      • Hey DN,
        Thank you for the beautiful selection of words and poem by Rumi, I admire your “taste” of words and writing. You are truly inspiring 🙂


    • I am so touched by your beautiful, eloquent words …they not only sound wonderful, but delicious too 😊 and more
      I really enjoy your comments, they continue my story and journey 🙂
      Simply lovely! Thank you DN


      • Hey Nadine,

        You are wonderfully generous in making this reader always feel so welcome on your blog…maybe I should pass by more often when being so thoughtfully considered 🙂

        I hope you know your kind sentiments are entirely reciprocated…it’s always a pleasure to idly pause a while on Soul of A Gypsy and feel the beat of your heart in the rhythm of your words. I particularly enjoy the merry dance of your narrative poems and sharing warmth in the passionate flame as you stare into the wild fire. But I am happiest of all when I sense in your writing the freedom you find each time you take to the air. And in that do I find joy.

        Nadine, Seduce Me is a tender poem to linger in the heart and captivate the mind.

        Nos da. Namaste

        DN – 14/10/2014


      • Dear DN,
        Wow! I am so touched and graced by your, beyond beautiful words, you are a really talented artist, poet, and amazing “word crafter” if i may, and no wonder your blog and your words have become a station to my many wandering journeys, where every time I land in that lovely space I am met with those darling butterflies that know how to make my journey a dreamy one, yet very much real to my gypsy soul 🙂

        Thank you for always dropping by DN, and expressing your feelings when you visit soulofagypsy, it is my pleasure to always meet you here:)


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    • Wow Eric I don’t know what to say…thank you!
      I guess this lunar eclipse really inspired me to write and express my feelings in such a way 🙂
      Thanks again and happy lunar eclipse 🙂


  2. Loved reading these such a poem that captures the depth of love, life and living together with ideals of the future. Perfect pictures to accompany such meaningful, poetic words.


  3. Genuinely impressive poem! There’s that great text behind the text, not really context, but sort of shadow meaning, hidden thoughts, so beautiful all together! I imagine you could sing it!


    • Thanks so much for visualising my poem. You are so right, it is words beyond words, meanings reflected from visualising, and colouring the thoughts of my beautiful readers to express my feelings and theirs in this poem. 🙂


  4. Notice me, would you, looking deeply and let’s not be enigmatic.
    Let’s share our vision with the knowing that comes from one soul gazing into the other, fully and fearlessly.
    I know you by how you let yourself be revealed, and you’re showing that you are purely love.


    • Beautiful! Thank you for completing my poem. Such lovely words, resonate with the Gypsy soul, and bring lots of delight, it is such a pleasure to make your acquaintance too.
      Love and sunshine always,


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