Once Upon a Time…


Not so long ago, seems like a place so far away
We were us and time seemed to be eternal


Once upon a time, our laughs, our joy echoed so high that the clouds fled fast to make way for the sun

Once upon a time, love had a different meaning, it felt so beautiful, so liberating, today it is just an illusion


 Once upon a time our whispers were so gentle that the spring breeze was jealous, our thoughts collided in unity, our pain eased when we shared

Once upon a time, our smiles were so genuine that our hearts danced with delight


 Once upon a time we were not afraid to speak our minds and share our love, today we only dare hide behind the masked truth, this life of denial oh so painful, oh so limiting, oh it is slowly stealing my life breath after breath…

Once upon a time, life was all smiles, joy and adventure

Once upon a time was a gift, stolen today leaving behind fading memories and hope that seems so far away. 

Once upon a time. 

About nadine haddad

I am a traveler in space, searching for the truth, the truth about everything in a world full of clutter, and chaos. The answers I find, are my view of life and of the world. Welcome, to my journey.

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