Pearls and Fantasies…


Looking at my reflection while I sit by the shore,
A stream of sunshine grabs my attention as it lusters on the surface,
And I get a glimpse;
Of that time when I was the happiest girl in the crowd,
Determined to celebrate my life, my new home,
I wanted to welcome the New Year with all that is light,
That night I decided the theme will be all white,
Soul of a gypsy

Embraced by my lovely pearls, surrounded by beauty and electrifying joy,
That evening, I was queen, I ruled the night, I guarded the shadows spreading my love,
I wanted my heartbeat to echo into the night and celebrate the woman, I so proudly became.
That night I set my intentions to the universe,
I sent my gratitude with the wind to every corner of the world,

A wave splashes and droplets touch my face,
I shrug my shoulders,
Feelings of sadness takeover,
The dream that I had built over night,
That special celebration I marvelled,
That smile engraved in my face,
That heart beat I echoed,
Those lovely pearls I adored,
The sweet perfume of the evening,
That New Year I longed to enjoy,
The dance that obeyed my steps,
The queen got stabbed by the dark
and took a piece of my heart.
That woman was cursed by the night.


So I decided…
Those pearls that I so dearly wore,
Will be the story of my last post.
Until, a voice from my past sent me waves of love,
And reminded me that…
Pearls live on after growing from a grain of sand,
Unlike humans, they are timeless.

I looked up and…
A magical breeze whispers,
Promises of colourful music,
Passionate words to design my poems,
Love to overshadow the dark,
Sending me rose petals to kill that curse.
The next time I get adorned by my precious pearls,
Will be to rise up again and fearlessly,
Honour my eternal fantasy.
pearls-and-fantasies-soulofagyspyImages credit: google

About nadine haddad

I am a traveler in space, searching for the truth, the truth about everything in a world full of clutter, and chaos. The answers I find, are my view of life and of the world. Welcome, to my journey.

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