Shadows in the Sand…


Hand in hand our shadows collide like velvet on those dunes,
soul of a gypsy.jpg
Moonlight protecting our undefined love, so fragile,
Our ancient hearts locked in eternity,
Overwhelmed to keep some of my sanity,
We will forever be bound and that is a relief,
At last I can make peace, as I grow beyond belief.

Remembering that day when our eyes met,
And I instantly knew, it was all set,
Souls living so close yet so apart,
It all had to end when it was meant to start,
Chained in thoughts and lovely memories,
Such precious feelings to make all those stories.
Portrait of a real woman

Each of us living a life of circumstance,
Yet, knowing when our minds touch,
Our hearts and souls entwine with love, and
We see each other in each others eyes, and
Our pain becomes simple sighs.

A reflection of you as I look in the mirror, and
I know how much I missed you,
A memory locked in my heart, and
Forever will remain,
Those lovely souls that dance,
Painting their shadows in the sand.

Dedicated to those beautiful souls who know how to dance and celebrate love, this song really complements my post.

Catch and Release-by Matt Simons

About nadine haddad

I am a traveler in space, searching for the truth, the truth about everything in a world full of clutter, and chaos. The answers I find, are my view of life and of the world. Welcome, to my journey.

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