Cookies and Butterflies…


Was it the peaches or the cookies that you liked most?

I know for sure when our eyes met, I found my soul mate, I never knew I can swim in those emotions and carry this love forever.

heart book art on bokeh photography

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It was painful to leave but life wanted to teach us many lessons and it never seizes to do so. As I grow older I realise you were the only one.

The souvenirs I kept are my treasures, and are the only joy that love brought me. I wanted to know how it felt to be on the other side, but I ended up learning about myself instead. From where I stood, I was marvelled by the most beautiful things I was allowed to explore. A feeling, a time, a place, that existed in the past, I painted it in the present, coloured it with my words and every time I look deep, it transports my heart, flooding it with emotions and my soul, my soul would yearn for us.

black and white blank challenge connect

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The jokes, the cookies, the peaches…the books…the words…the thoughtful gestures…

There are memories in our subconscious that can be stirred by beautiful emotions, erupting our hearts into lively emotions,, this might not make sense unless you have been caught by the insanity of love.

Universe, Will you make my heart sing again?

baked beautiful birthday birthday cake

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About nadine haddad

I am a traveler in space, searching for the truth, the truth about everything in a world full of clutter, and chaos. The answers I find, are my view of life and of the world. Welcome, to my journey.

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