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Sudden Silence…


As I recover from the trauma of my surgery…and as the medicine and anaesthetic starts to subside…I can’t stop thinking of the beautiful lady, the succesful young mother, the beautiful wife, who was next to me…as I hear silence that suddenly refused to lend her unwanted silence that decided to simply ruin her dream…

A mother of 2 who was full of life, ready to venture with her family into the land of dreams and make a wonderful home far far away…with her suitcases packed, a chapter already closed and a new one ready to begin…life or destiny or an unfortunate event…decided to invade her life and steal it all away, in a second.

I honestly can’t find the word, the meaning, the term, the explanation, it is just a feeling that makes me sick to the gut, as I ask myself why,why,why..???

I lay on my bed, I forget my pain, I forgive, I surrender, knowing that with time I will recover..

Yet, I can’t close my eyes without thinking of the beautiful lady who suffered a stroke, laying there next to me unable to move, unable to talk…my heart is torn and I try to find the words to pray, to find the faith to believe in miracles, they say these do happen and deep inside I want them to.

Beautiful lady, my heart tore to pieces when I saw what you were going through, my tears didn’t stop falling when I heard you cry in pain and saw your family united in prayer and in love for you to heal and recover. You made me forget my pain, you reminded me to overcome my struggle, you gave me courage and reminded me of a powerful feeling that I used to live by…called determination.

They say angels come in many forms at different times and I believe I was not alone in that room and you were not either.

You will make it against all odds, you will defeat the silence and your light will overcome the darkness that has intrusively decided to invade your life…

This is not a poem, this is not a story, this is not a statement or an article or a post…this is a call to the universe..

I cannot forget those 3 days of my life and I will never forget you, I will never forget the beautiful face who was determined to embrace a dream, and got shattered by evil sickness as a result…I will pray for you everyday and will believe a miracle will prevail and this odd chapter in your life will be torn away leaving a new page of endless happy healthy ever afters. 

The Caged Butterfly…


I was once the queen of the sky
My crown would shine every time I flew up so high
I was once a free butterfly


I was once part of the colourful gardens
I never imagined I could ever die
My bed was a rose and my perfume the nectar
My light was that ever shining star
I was once part of a magical universe
In its beauty I would immerse

red roses

Until one day, I got captured
My tiny heart got raptured
I was promised love
I was told I will fly freely like a dove
I was promised life
I was promised dreams

Today I am a caged butterfly
Hopelessly trying to flap my wings again
Tears drop every morning as I know the roses are enjoying the dew of dawn
And I am dying with every drop as it evaporates the land

Yesterday I was a free butterfly
Flapping my wings like there was no tomorrow
Aching with today’s sorrow
Alas, the cage is becoming tighter as my days pass by
I can barely breath or sigh


And I grow out of that promised love
That took my hope of life
Never tried to reconcile
Helplessly Watching me die

And I wonder, will tomorrow be the last day I bid farewell
Leaving me with only one desire
To forgive my sweet heart that failed me
As I die in peace and enjoy returning to that place I belong
So long, so long to you my caged butterfly.

remember my message


Let Love Live…


Ode to a dying soul
Can your heart love more than you can?
Does your body ache when you know
It’s a love so deep and
Never did it sleep
Feelings that can not be measured
or expressed in words
soulofagypsy-letloveliveSadness spreads in your veins
When you realise
The song of those two loving souls
Can never be heard

For why did it appear
When all was supposed to disappear
With time
With distance
With circumstance

Can your heart love more than you can?

Let Love Live
Beyond time
Beyond distance
Beyond circumstance

Let Love drive away sadness
Let Love drive away despair
Let Love run wild
Let Love in
Let Love be
Let Love be Us
Let Love Live.

Shadows in the Sand…


Hand in hand our shadows collide like velvet on those dunes,
soul of a gypsy.jpg
Moonlight protecting our undefined love, so fragile,
Our ancient hearts locked in eternity,
Overwhelmed to keep some of my sanity,
We will forever be bound and that is a relief,
At last I can make peace, as I grow beyond belief.

Remembering that day when our eyes met,
And I instantly knew, it was all set,
Souls living so close yet so apart,
It all had to end when it was meant to start,
Chained in thoughts and lovely memories,
Such precious feelings to make all those stories.
Portrait of a real woman

Each of us living a life of circumstance,
Yet, knowing when our minds touch,
Our hearts and souls entwine with love, and
We see each other in each others eyes, and
Our pain becomes simple sighs.

A reflection of you as I look in the mirror, and
I know how much I missed you,
A memory locked in my heart, and
Forever will remain,
Those lovely souls that dance,
Painting their shadows in the sand.

Dedicated to those beautiful souls who know how to dance and celebrate love, this song really complements my post.

Catch and Release-by Matt Simons

Pearls and Fantasies…


Looking at my reflection while I sit by the shore,
A stream of sunshine grabs my attention as it lusters on the surface,
And I get a glimpse;
Of that time when I was the happiest girl in the crowd,
Determined to celebrate my life, my new home,
I wanted to welcome the New Year with all that is light,
That night I decided the theme will be all white,
Soul of a gypsy

Embraced by my lovely pearls, surrounded by beauty and electrifying joy,
That evening, I was queen, I ruled the night, I guarded the shadows spreading my love,
I wanted my heartbeat to echo into the night and celebrate the woman, I so proudly became.
That night I set my intentions to the universe,
I sent my gratitude with the wind to every corner of the world,

A wave splashes and droplets touch my face,
I shrug my shoulders,
Feelings of sadness takeover,
The dream that I had built over night,
That special celebration I marvelled,
That smile engraved in my face,
That heart beat I echoed,
Those lovely pearls I adored,
The sweet perfume of the evening,
That New Year I longed to enjoy,
The dance that obeyed my steps,
The queen got stabbed by the dark
and took a piece of my heart.
That woman was cursed by the night.


So I decided…
Those pearls that I so dearly wore,
Will be the story of my last post.
Until, a voice from my past sent me waves of love,
And reminded me that…
Pearls live on after growing from a grain of sand,
Unlike humans, they are timeless.

I looked up and…
A magical breeze whispers,
Promises of colourful music,
Passionate words to design my poems,
Love to overshadow the dark,
Sending me rose petals to kill that curse.
The next time I get adorned by my precious pearls,
Will be to rise up again and fearlessly,
Honour my eternal fantasy.
pearls-and-fantasies-soulofagyspyImages credit: google

Hymn of Life…


I decided to make peace.

While I enjoyed memories of the past,

I looked forward to the future,

Something about the present kept telling me this will pass,

Glimpses of the past and

Dreams of the future made me hold on…

Hold on I did, but they fooled me,

I was just stuck,

It was such a haze,

A complete illusion.

There needs to be more to it than just such days.

Will this ever end?

A hymn of life,

A hum of destiny,

A painting so old,

Yet some luster of gold,

Leaving a promise of a story,

Painted in the past,

Colored with our presence,

Speaking to us in its glory,

Reflecting our time tomorrow.

Will our perception change,

If we make peace?

Silent Words…

Silent Words…

Emotions running through my mind,

Words I pronounced but not a soul would hear,

My heart tore, when with all I said,

the answer I got, was,

An indifferent stare.

I cried, I screamed, I knelt, I prayed, I surrendered,

And not a soul did hear,

The promise I made to myself,

I let me down.

My tears, as they fall down my face,

Are filled with regrets, for

I couldn’t save,

That oath I made,

To myself…

Those silent words, echo an undesirable destiny, a bitterness, of a crying soul,

Life, it let me down.

As time goes by,

I count my years,

Such days that I dread with every dawn,

And abhor with every sunset,

Have become a sign.

I am drowning in quick sand,

Those days passed by,

Before my eyes,

Forever gone, and,

All I got was a stare,

There’s no looking back.



Caught between two worlds,

Torn between a present and a past,

Holding on to memories like they were today,

Struggling with the present as its promises fade,

Wanting to live the moment and make it worthwhile,

But my dreams are overwhelming, and I find myself,

Embracing the future with visions of illusion.

Distracted by these two dimensions,

I find myself wanting today and longing for tomorrow,

It’s just a mirage. 

None of them are existing.

It’s better to feel the dream, than to taste, the unclear reality.

It’s just a mirage…



When The Music Starts…

When The Music Starts…

My heart sings!

My life beats with happiness…

My senses are overwhelmed with joy,

My existence, suddenly makes so much sense,

My reason to be, me.

I miss you.

So far apart, 

We have been destined

To meet once,

To fall in love,

To see ourselves in each other’s eyes…

To turn the desert into an ocean,

To swim with our emotions,

To pray and to find out,

We were together in the past.

We are years apart, and memories have faded,

Yet those sparks of love, remind us,

That we once existed, together.

Lovers, oceans apart,

And we met only once.

When the music starts-

I miss you.

Smiles and butterflies

Tomorrow is a new day