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Enchanted Mind

Enchanted Mind

I woke up this morning with an image in my head of charming, colorful, shimmering crystals piled up in a bucket. I tried to understand what it meant and then realized it must have something to do with my gypsy soul and I think it probably is a sign. Recently I have been getting flashes of vision that trigger the writer in me and to be honest writing and appreciation of literature and media runs in my family, and I am proud to say that 7 members of my immediate family carry this “gene” in their DNA; some have even published books others have gone all the way to Cannes. So this mystery of loving to write is solved.

Now what is it with the gems and the crystals? They are so real that I just want to touch them and enjoy their beauty in my hands.

colored crystals

Colored Crystals

I have always had a passion for colors, art, beauty and eccentricity, to the extent that I often get so carried away in my mind, and drift into another dimension, where my world is filled only with beauty and golden butterflies that drop golden dust every time they flap their wings.

golden butterflies

Golden Butterflies

I am longing to hold those beautiful crystals in my hand, they are so charming that I can even feel the red ones releasing smells of roses;

red roses

Red Roses

the white feel like I am in a field filled with daisies;

Daisies and Blue Sky

Daisies and Blue Sky

the green smell of fresh grass after the rain has stopped;

grass after the rain

Grass after the Rain

the purple smell of lavenders which are my favorite, the turquoise and blue make me feel the mist on my face and the desire to touch the sky.

Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Now I know. My dream was a vision of LOVE. My Love for nature, and for the earth, the breathing, living earth, and the wonders that it brings to our life.

What a sublime journey I was taken to today!