Truth be told,
I was being caught,
Held up in two worlds,
Tried to fight, but then I realized,

I will only win if I surrender.

light in darkness

light in darkness

I gave it all I could,
I tried all I can,
I prayed to all, but I was still standing in that point,
That point of no return.

Years passed by until I found that a warrior is a winner no matter how,
It was lack of faith, abandonment and hate that caused this feeling of defeat.

A teacher told me the other day,
Surrender is the key to winning back your life and continuing your unexplored journey,
Just look out for the signs.

surrender to miracles

surrender to miracles

Surrender and let it be,
Surrender and you will see,
Surrender to life,
And give faith a chance,
Believe yourself a winner in such circumstance
And so it shall be.

when the time is on

Yogi Bhajan “when the time is on”

Surrender like a hero, show up, stand up,
Trust in that miracle,
Surrender to your dream,
Make room for it to manifest,
Surrender, fight with life, not against it
Trust and you shall see,
The light within you will shine past the fields, across the sea,
Glistening like crystals, outshining any dark stuck from that past.

Surrender, surrender, surrender,
And win the fight,
Life is fair and you shall see it all,
Unfolding like a miracle which you once thought is hard to behold.

Trust, surrender, love and ignite,
You are the winner after all!

you are a winner after all

you are a winner after all

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  1. surrender and win… only a spiritual person can understand this… so, maybe the rest of them will see that the complaining and slf-pity and bitterness and such isn’t the best way; not the winning way as we can tell


    • You are right…”only a spiritual person can understand this”.Thank you for your comment and for believing that surrendering to a miracle is an act of faith and courage 🙂


  2. Surrender does seem to be a theme shared by many faith perspectives. In my life, it has only been when I have surrendered to Jesus Christ (who himself surrendered to God’s will for my benefit) that I have found meaning, purpose, and a generous measure of joy.


  3. I once spent a year pondering the meaning of the word “Surrender” in the various aspects of my life. It was a year rich with blessed lessons. It left me with a serenity that I didn’t know was possible. Your blog is beautiful, Nadine, so filled with love and wisdom. Be blessed! Love, pat


    • Thanks so much Pat. I really appreciate your comment and encouragement.
      Surrendering to life, to faith, to miracles, is not easy, but worth the blessings and the learnings that manifest with with such a challenge of letting go, letting be and believing in the outcome 🙂
      Love and Blessings to you.


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