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Caught in the Middle

Caught in the Middle

Hope you all enjoyed the lovely Super Moon yesterday, and a big thanks to those who shared my Super Anticipation 🙂

So it is the time to start a new chapter, release the past and welcome all that is NEW. Thank you Universe!

For those who are transitioning to the new, here is a song for you, one thing for sure, we should definitely enjoy the show!

“Life is a maze and Love is a riddle…but I decided to let it go and JUST ENJOY THE SHOW

I Love the lyrics by Lenka:

Super Moon in Super Anticipation

Super Moon in Super Anticipation

Everyone is waiting for the Super Moon on 23 June, and I have so many hopes for this day. I can’t wait for it to shadow us with its beautiful light, absorb the negative energy that has overwhelmed many of us since the beginning of this year and bring with it a promise of a new beginning and a better life. Super Moon, I am in Super anticipation!

Super Moon

Super Moon June 23 2013

Super Moon, I have a request:

When the sun goes down on Sunday

I will surely step out to welcome you

I don’t want to miss this day

My life without you has gone astray

Super Moon, I have a request

The doors and windows will be open

You don’t need to knock

Just come in and bless my home

Spread your light in every corner

In every room, in every dome

I will be waiting for you Super Moon

My eyes will not stop gazing at the sky on this night

My life is depending on your warm light

And the magic of this anticipated  sight

Super Moon don’t let me down

I don’t want in this night

To be on my own