What if…?


What if?

What if today was the beginning of spring and the end of my Gypsy soul journey?
What if tomorrow is winter and the beginning of my adventure?


image source: google       journey of wandering

What if today, I truly find peace and tomorrow,
I will be remembered for my lost days, my lonesome trips, my plea for love?

What if I land in a place where I am not left alone, where every creature knows how to love,
where family is not a word, where sadness is non existent.

Today, I long for eternity.
I want to go back, I am ready.

words live on

image source: google                       words live on

What if life, will forgive me and I can be set free, to a place that knows no time, no pain, no fear, no hate, no commitment except that of love, of giving and of mastery.

Today, I am ready to go back,
and leave that memory.

words are eternal

image source: google               words are eternal

What if, that time, is today?

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  1. wow i came across your blog and I am also a gypsy at heart– starting to blog, but this post touched me!… What if that day is today? i also long to go back–His word is alive, and reminds me that I am not of this world… Love your art. 🙂

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    • Hi Blanca! Thanks so much for dropping by and your comment. I am glad we crossed path…enjoy your ‘gypsy heart journey’ and blog away in the most creative way you can! Can’t wait to visit your blog and let my soul dance with your words :). By the way “what if…” Is one of my favorite posts too…I wrote it some time back and each time I read it..it feels as if it’s the first time I read it, let alone I wrote it…typical of a gypsy soul too I guess.


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