Fallen Leaves…Awakened Minds


Flashes of images stirring up my mind…of green leaves turning brown and yellow as they fall to the ground.

Hello there…

Aren’t you looking so grand today?

Majestic Grand Tree

Majestic Grand Tree

Hanging strong, up in your beautiful kingdom

Enjoying the scenery from up above

Whispering words of glory, as the wind blows its breeze through your alluring leaves

Spreading warmth and touching our skin with kisses that feel like velvet

Aren’t you looking so pretty and so satisfied?

You smile as you watch the passers by, the loved ones holding hands, the sad ones debating their lives

You empathize when you hear the voices in people’s minds, as they rush past you

Passers By

Passers By

Yet, you know this will come to an end and what you once enjoyed from up above, will become a past that you will reminisce

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

Hang on in there

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

For who you once were….You still are

You might have fallen today, you might be broken

Fallen Leaf Awakened Mind

Broken Leaf Awakened Mind

But your spirit lives on to tell the story of the many seasons to come

Each carrying different feelings, different experiences, different colors, different symbols

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

Fallen Leaves Awakened Minds

Fear not the seasons dear friend, for…

You live on….

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    • Thanks Barbara for taking the time to read my blog. Your comment means a lot to me 🙂 thank you for your lovely words ❤️ my blog is my space to connect with like minds and share my views, so glad we connected.


  1. The Standing Ones bring their wisdom throughout the Seasons.. teaching us to shed and let go in autumn so we can carry on through the tough times -winter.. showing us to rest up a while as we go within.. waiting for renewal of spring… where we sprout forth new growth full of energy we reach for the light and our goals.. Summer a time where we can frolic and play as the breeze makes us dance and sway… While we come full circle again… … I loved your words of Fallen Leaves- Awakened minds.. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your gifts 🙂
    Blessings Sue xox


    • Wow Sue! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and magical words. Indeed there is so much wisdom in the change of seasons, the leaves…the cycle of awareness, clarity and intuition that get enhanced and nourished with the energies of the different seasons 🙂
      Love and Blessings


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